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The ScanNCut DX is the only series of home and hobby cutting machines with a built-in scanner and has essentially everything you need to create stunning projects right out of the box. The Brother ScanNCut DX SDX125E was designed for the hobby enthusiast who is looking for an efficient and clean way to cut materials such as felt and foam (up to 3 mm thick!) without frays or damage. Brotherâ??s Auto Blade sensor technology automatically detects the thickness of your materials to cut precise custom and built-in patterns. This cutting machine comes with 682 built-in designs, including 100 quilt patterns, and 9 letter fonts to provide you with multiple ways to quickly create and edit designs on the 5â? LCD touchscreen display. With 76 SVG files included, and the Birthday Collection, Greeting Cards Collection, Flowers &amp; Valentines Collection (available with CanvasWorkspace for web only), youâ??ve got endless design possibilities!<br><br>Perfect for sewers and quilters, the SDX125E makes
Achieve crafting success with the Brother ScanNCut! These machines are the only ones on the market that can scan without the need for cartridges, dyes or monthly subscriptions. Trust us when we say this home and hobby cutting machine is the only one youâ??ll want to use for all your crafting projects! Its brand new revolutionary Blade Sensor Technology with auto blade adjusts automatically so you donâ??t have to select the material type or fuss with the blade depth before you cut.Also new to the market, this Brother home and hobby electronic machine is the first one fitted with a blade that easily and quickly cuts precise custom and built-in patterns from materials like felt, leather and foam up to 0.1â? (3 mm) thick. It even has a setting for making half cuts. Use it on vinyl to cut both positive and negative pieces for really unique projects. Featuring a 5â? LCD display, you can weld, rotate, resize and edit your designs directly on the screen with no need for a PC or any additiona
With 90 unique built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches, the SC9500 is the ideal machine for embellishing virtually everything, from clothing to home décor items, and for creating unique quilt designs. The machine is equipped with a large backlit LCD screen which enables computerized stitch selection. Becoming a sewing fashionista has never been easier! Whether you want to use the built-in 55 alphanumeric stitches for lettering or basic monogramming, select one of the 8 styles of 1-step auto-size buttonholes or use the oversized wide table to accommodate your larger quilt projects, the SC9500 can do it all and then some! Lightweight and portable, this computerized machine offers a wide range of convenient features. Get started on your creation with the SC9500!
Expand your work area with this easy-to-attach, extra-wide extension table. This snap-on table extends to the left and rear of your existing work area, for easier handling of larger projects and heavier-weight fabrics.
Multi-purpose screwdriver
This is a firm, fibrous type of water-soluble stabilizer, with many uses as embroidery backing or topping. Excellent for embroidery applications such as towels, jersey knit shirts, pique and Lycra. Unlike the clear film type product, this fibrous water-soluble is designed not to perforate from the needle penetration. This type of stabilizer is a must have for creating freestanding lace. Excellent for embroidering high stitch counts, it does not readily tear or separate. It is also soft and pliable, making it easy to hoop. Feel free to use more than one layer as needed. Ideal for many creative sewing and embroidery projects, including invisible needle turn appliqué and artistic scarves made out of thread and yarns.You can safely write on this stabilizer with a water-soluble pen. Useful as an added stabilizer for buttonhole-making too. This water soluble stabilizer requires thorough rinsing in warm water for complete removal.
Genuine Brother® Accessory. Lightweight water soluble stabilizer provides stable surface while embroidering and/or can be used as a topper. Washes away with warm water. Clear color makes this stabilizer perfect for lace ornaments.
Genuine Brother® Accessory. 3 pieces included. Iron on stablizer provides a stable surface for machine embroidery. Easy to remove for repositioning. White paper fiber.
Genuine Brother® Accessory. Exclusively for centered straight stitching quarter inch seams on fine fabrics. Quarter inch piecing foot with blade for seam sewing. Accurate reference marking on 3 sides of foot for visibility and accuracy. Single hole foot prevents fabrics from sinking into feed dogs.
The zig zag foot with ankle set has a snap on foot for sewing over rises at the beginning of or in the body of your fabric. Simply tilt the foot and pull the button to set the foot. When a rise is encountered, the foot automatically realeases on it's downward slope. No more getting stuck at a rise or uneven stitches on the down side! This is also a great item to have on hand as a replacement for a lost or damaged ankle.
High Quality Clear Plastic Bobbins<br> 7/16 inch deep <br>Security notch for consistent bobbin thread winding<br>10 bobbins per pack
Roll fabric edge and hem stitch at the same time. Picot foot looks similar to narrow hemmer foot but is designed to create a shell look edge on lightweight fabric. Groove on sole of foot has been specifically developed to match width of picot stitches for perfect stitch formation. Groove on sole of foot allows stitches to feed evenly while being created and sewn.
Genuine Brother® Accessory. Clear plastic foot allows for sewing with complete visibility. Clearview foot for easy viewing of stitches, seams and pattern markings. Wide opening for use with decorative stitches. Horizontal opening for wide range of left to right needle positions and added sole pressure.
The Clearview Foot can be used with any application where visibility of seams or pattern markings is desired for ease in embellishment. Similar to the 7mm Open Toe Foot except this foot has a clear bar in front of the needle. Perfect for quilting applique.
The walking foot is a moving feed system that holds and moves fabric between the presser foot's upper feed dog and the machines's lower feed dogs to better control difficult fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabric. The walking foot is great for quilting, sewing when matching prints or plaids or fabric drift is an issue.<br><br>Brother® offers several Walking Feet which differ in the size of the feed dog, shank height etc. Please check your manual or the machine listings on this website to find the correct Walking Foot to fit your machine. Walking Feet are not for use in reverse or side to side sewing as well as some built in stitches that include other than forward movement of the feed dogs.
The Overlock Foot is used for sewing overcast seams and protect edges from fraying. Use the overcast stitches in your machine and see what a difference this foot makes in their appearance and functionality!
Genuine Brother® Accessory. A great foot for both embellishing and utility use. Adjustable for creating blind hems on a variety of fabrics. While designed for blind stitching, the foot works well for edge stitching, lace and fabric edge joining.
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