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The Taiga gutter downspout is made with polyvinyl chloride and measures 6"
Category: PVC Gutters
For 3/32-in. to 1/8-in. cables. Made of metal.
Quarter round moulding made of pine from Metrie. This moulding is already primed. It is 1/2'' tall and 1/2'' thick.
Category: Quarter Rounds
For 1/16-in. cables. Made of metal.
Primed Finger Jointed Pine Casing. 3/8" x 2 3/16". Sold by linear foot.
Category: Casings
S-hook. 1 in. Made of steel. Zinc finish.
For 3/16-in. cables. Made of metal.
Store your eggs or prepare them for sale with this egg carton. Made from natural (grey) 100 percent reclaimed paper, this high-quality egg carton features classic farm imagery. It also includes safe handling instructions and keep refrigerated warnings. No grade or size is specified on the egg box, making it appropriate for use with a variety of eggs types and sizes. This egg carton has a capacity of 12 eggs.
Primed MDF Casing. 3/8" x 2 1/4". Sold by linear foot.
Category: Casings
This adjustable patented bungey hook works on 1/4'' (0.6 cm) and 5/16'' (0.8 cm) bungey cord. This hook is adjustable and easy to use. Just slide the bungey through the open slots in the hook and make your own bungey length. No need to have several lengths of bungey cords. It features a safety hook that helps prevents hook from slipping off or coming unhooked. Sold separately.
Category: Emergency Items
This roll pin spring is made of zinc-plated metal. It has a diameter of 1/8" and a length of 2 5/8". Backed by a 1-year warranty.
Category: Cotter Pins
Steel flat tie. 10"
Wall plates. Made of white plastic. Also offered in brown or ivory.
Primed Finger Jointed Pine Crown. 3/8" x 5/8". Sold by linear foot.
Category: Crown Moulding
The Oatey 3/4" grey anti-corrosion polypropylene pipe half clamp is designed to be mounted to walls and joists and minimizes water line vibrations. The clamp can be used on hydronic systems and its ribbed design allows the pipe to cool faster and to expand or contract freely. The clamp is UPC certified and is covered by 1-year warranty against manufacturing defaults.
Category: Straps and Ties
Primed Finger Jointed Pine Burlap. 1/4" x 3/4". Sold by linear foot.
This roll pin spring is made of zinc-plated metal. It has a diameter of 5/32" and a length of 3". Backed by a 1-year warranty.
Category: Cotter Pins
The decorative concrete bricks by Basalite® are cost-effective and can be used in paver and wall applications.
Category: Cement Siding
For 1/16-in. cables. Made of galvanized steel.
This eyebolt from Onward is made from zinc-plated steel to offer the greatest possible durability and strength. This 2" blunt-end bolt has a 3/16" diameter and is perfect to hang items weighing up to 40 lb. The eyelet is ideal to hang ropes or cables with a 10 mm maximum diameter. The mating hex nut comes with the eyebolt.
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